Sunday, 24 August 2014

Homework summary for T3W8

Homework Summary for T3W8

For those who have not yet submitted their Reflective essays AND handouts please do so by next Monday 

Complete the Gauss Questions by next Monday 

For the odd numbered register numbers, hand in your History file by next Monday

Biotech (tutorial):
Complete your Animal Cell Culture tutorial worksheet 1 by next lesson (1.5h)

Complete the Excretion workbook worksheet by next Monday (1.5h)
Files to be handed in latest by next Monday

Hand in your Chem folder by next Tuesday
For those who have not submitted their Periodic Table workbook MCQ, submit it latest by next Monday (30 min)

Complete the SEQ on Healthcare in Singapore (1h)
Complete the podcast in your assigned groups about the causes of the conflict in Sri Lanka (Group 1-3 Tamil Tigers' POV, Group 4-6 Sinhalese POV)


Bio SPA is on next Wednesday

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