Monday, 30 June 2014

Homework for Monday, 30th June

Monday, 30th June

Chem: (2) requires the use of the LD
1) Complete page 4 of the worksheet (30 mins)
2) Remember to email Ms Ng a planned timetable for your revision (10 mins)

Math: LD is not required
1) Complete and get ready to hand in assignment A08b by tomorrow (1 hour)
2) Complete and submit your Gauss question 4,5,6 and 7 (30 mins)

Bio: LD is not required
1) Complete activity 2 of the Transport in Humans worksheet (30 mins)
2) Complete the workbook exercise on Plant Transport (1 hour)

EL: (1) requires the use of the LD
1) Record yourself reading the passage given to you today and post it on the EL blog (5 mins)

Sign and hand in your report cards
Bring your labcoats for Biotech tomorrow if you have not done so

Class Chair and Vice-chairperson Election Speech Presentation

Day of Presentation: Wednesday (2 July 2014) 

Danish, Marco, Gabriel, Sean, Shaun, Meredith, Yee Cher, Kang Zhi and Shaquille

The nominees will need to prepare a 3-minute speech addressing the following points:

1) Why I want to run for the Class Chairperson/vice-chairperson position;
2) My vision/goals for my class;
3) What I will do to achieve the vision/goals;
4) any other relevant issues (optional).

Please note that you will vote after the speech presentation. 

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Class Shirt (Back Design 2)

Modified the back design a little. The wolf symbolizes courage and family, while the black triangle is just for artistic flavor. Or you could look at it as wolf poop. Either way works. which one do you prefer?

Class Shirt version 2

Tried a different style. What do you think? :)