Thursday, 29 May 2014

Thursday Homework (29/5/14)

Thursday Homework (29/5/14)

Analyze the sample compo that you were given yesterday, take a picture of it and post it on the class english blog by tonight (Approx. 30 mins, LD required)

Complete assignment A08b by next term (approx. 1h, LD not required)
Complete example 14 and 15 by tomorrow (approx. 30 mins, LD not required)

Complete page 4 and 5 of the Population Policies of Singapore worksheet (approx. 20 mins, LD not required)

Complete your Mole Concept worksheet and hand in by tomorrow (approx. 1h, LD not required)
Complete the group work on the Concentration in Medical Report on a google document and submit it into the folder shared to you (approx. 30 mins, LD required for submission and completion of document)

Remember that there is normal classes tomorrow and remember to sign your GIRO form by tomorrow and pass it to Danish.

That's all for today!

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