Monday, 19 May 2014

Monday Homework: May 19

1. Submit your English File

1. Submit your planning worksheet if you haven't
2. Remember to bring your Garbage Enzymes home over the holidays

Please bring along your most treasured item for tomorrow's class photo taking. (e.g Ryan can bring his basketball and Jiayi can bring her Kpop mercy etc.) Bring along your favorite object no matter what it is (We won't judge haha) so we'll have the coolest class photo in the history of SST yearbooks yeah?

For Crystal & Ikmal:
Take care and get well soon! Please do the surveys sent to your SST email.

Your Common Test results may have been good or perhaps even bad, but remember not to become complacent or discouraged. I must admit that complacency and bad time-management caused me to do very badly and Common Test was really a wake up call.

Let's try our very best to pull up our socks for the next exam. It's easier said than done, but every single one of us in class is definitely capable of doing so. Perhaps we could also try to clarify our doubts more in class since we now know that we won't judge each other.

Also, congratulations to those who did well for Common Test and let's aim to excel together as a class!

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