Monday, 3 March 2014

Monday the 3rd of March Homework

Sorry for the late post I had CCA. 

Monday the 3rd of March Homework 

Complete your SEQs and SBQs if you have not done so, staple your answers with the question paper in front and for the SEQ, include Timothy's model answer at the back of the stapled question paper and answer paper tomorrow before 10AM.

Watch the videos of the groups that have not been asked about the Q&A and write down the questions that you want to ask them about in the next lesson.

Prepare for the quiz tomorrow so that you won't get your ez-link card taken lol.

Plan for your practical, tear out practical 3.2 of your practical workbook

There is no S&W tomorrow, which is replaced by another period of Bio, same goes for week 10.
Remember to buy your labcoats for Biotech if you have not done so. It costs $14 for all sizes.

Have fun doing all the work while revising! - Mal

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