Friday, 28 February 2014

Friday Homework

Friday the 28th of February Homework 

Level test Focus: Causes of WWI, Treaty of Versailles - Terms, aims etc.
Read Textbook 2-12
Complete the SEQ paragraph to be handed in on Monday

Complete and hand in AssignmentA03c next monday if you have not done so

Complete activity 3 and 4 of your enzymes worksheet

The remaining groups that have yet to re-present their PT, prepare for the Q&A session next week.

If you have taken the level test worksheet, be sure to finish it and you can get the answers at the googlesite.

Be sure to complete your filing by next Monday.

Update your biotech logbook on the experiments that you have carried out the past few lessons if you have not done so. Complete the practice worksheets if you have not done so.

Have fun and remember to revise for the upcoming level tests! 5 more days left! - Ikmal

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