Wednesday, 5 February 2014

5 Feb - Wednesday Homework

Happy World Nutella Day!

Wednesday Homework

1. KPT Worksheet page 6 (Prediction)

1. AA script due tomorrow for editing. Submission on Fri
2. Complete outstanding HW
3. Highlight what is good in Essay A and comment on what are missing in Essays B & C. (Worksheet given out today

1. Write compo (optional)
2. Check HCL blog for further instructions

1. Pre/Post lesson activities
2. Read Sec 4 textbook (pg. 85-92)

1. Qn 7-14 (Due tomorrow)
2. Math AA due on Friday

1. Check SST email to place orders for TYC assessment books
2. Kindly bring stuff to personalize your lockers
3. Wed Gym sessions will begin after OBS (Mr Lam is currently on MC)

See you tomorrow! 

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