Friday, 24 January 2014

Weekend Homework

Weekend Homework:

(First of all, our classroom looks pretty smashing and we might even stand a chance of winning the Class Deco award. Good job, everyone! Give yourself a pat on the back at this very moment. Do it. Yeah, do it now. :) Now brace yourselves for a lengthy list of homework, haha.)

1. Workbook (Pg 10-16: Due next Thursday)

1. Read up on Movement of Substances in Bio Textbook
2. Upload Paul's Wheel of reasoning slides to padlet
3. Bring practical file + Worksheets + Textbook on Monday

1. Read Textbook Pg 6-12
2. Ponder on Key Questions (Refer to picture on Facebook)

1. Purchase Sec 4 Textbook over the weekend and read the chapter on Venice

1. Week 3 ILL
2. English Worksheet Page 4 (Online Ranting PEEL)
3. Read News Articles given today over the CNY Holiday

1. 课本第25页
2. 2 HCL Worksheets (Due next week)

1. Finish 2014 Goals (if you haven't)

Performance Tasks:

1. English AA (Podcast):
Date of Submission: Week 5 (Script and Podcast)
Date of Presentation: Week 7

2. E Math AA (Exploratory Task on Powers):
Date of Submission: 7 February 2014, 12 noon

3. Bio AA (Garbage Enzymes)
Date of Submission: Term 3 Week 2

1. Feel free to bring materials to decorate and personalize your lockers
2. Do stay back on Monday (if you're free) to do the finishing touches for our class deco

Have a restful weekend and see you on Monday!

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