Monday, 13 January 2014

Proposed Mission, Vision & Goals

Mission: We, the students of 3-01, promise to be united, responsible and proactive students in SST. As students, we will learn wholeheartedly. As leaders, we will put others before ourselves. As friends, we will forge long-lasting relationships with each other. We will face the many challenges that lie ahead of us hand in hand and we will not graduate just as classmates, but as a closely-knit family. 

Vision: We, the students of S3-01, strive to be 21st Century students of academic excellence and morally upright character, serving the community around us and making the world a better place.

To be respectful and kind to everyone around us.
To be attentive during lessons.
To hand in quality assignments on time.
To put our best foot forward everything we do.
To accept each others’ ideas even if they do not necessarily reflect our own.
To strive to be the most united Sec 3 class in 2014 

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