Thursday, 9 January 2014

9 Jan - Thursday Homework

1. Bring SS Ring File (Green)
2. Comment on Google+ Pre lesson and Post lesson videos

1. Email Mindmap to
2. Do page 15-16 of Math Worksheet (On foolscap)

1. HCL 第一课 Worksheet

1. 2 Biotech Tutorials (Due next Monday)

1. Tomorrow’s Chemistry lesson will be held at the Chem lab
2. Pass $14.60 to Markus for the “Distinction in English 'O' Level Comprehension' Book” by next Tuesday
3. Pass $3 to Markus for the CE Journal

Side note:
I asked the Bookshop Aunty about the files today and apparently the translucent pink file is the Bookshop's definition of red. So the translucent pink file is for History and the condensed pink one is for Bio. Hope that cleared things up a little. See you tomorrow!

Mr Liew's glorious mindmap

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