Tuesday, 7 January 2014

7 Jan - Tuesday Homework

1. Independent Learning Log (Area in English to work on)
Area I want to improve on: Vocabulary
What I did: I downloaded a dictionary app and learnt the word of the day.
What I learned: The word of the day was 'lea' and it meant a tract of open ground.
(Please elaborate because it should be in paragraphs)

1. 课本(第一课)-预习题

1. Definition of Death & Euthanasia (Groupwork| In Google Docs or any other platform)
2. Read Bio Textbook Page 16-30
3. Bring Bio file
4. Bio DT on Friday (Revisit sec 1&2 work)
5. Improve Paul's Wheel of reasoning

1. 2 Biotech Tutorials (Due next Monday)

1. Please hand in your Service Learning Consent Forms and Acceptable Use Policy Acknowledgement Forms latest tomorrow morning to Danish. (Extra forms in Mrs Jang's peg ion hole)

2. Please remember to give Markus $2.35 to purchase Journals for Character Education class.

Malay & Chinese MTL students, feel free to post the homework in the comment section below. See you tomorrow!

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