Wednesday, 22 January 2014

22 Jan - Wednesday Homework

1. Bring Graphic Calculator
2. Submit Homework 03 to Jia Yi (if you haven't)

1. Parts & Functions of a Microscope Worksheet
2. Read Chapter 2 (by next Friday)
3. Copy corrections from Googlesite

1. Complete slides on the Doges of Venice
2. Pre/Post lesson tasks

1. 课本第25页
2. 阅读第三课课文,找出排比、心里、和夸张的句子。

1. Today's Chemistry period has been postponed to tomorrow
2. Watch Chem videos in preparation of the upcoming practical (Ms Ng emailed them to us)
3. Kindly pay Markus $4 for the Class decorations

See you tomorrow!

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