Thursday, 16 January 2014

16 Jan - Thursday Homework

1. Lesson package Activity 4 (Pg 7)
2. Pre & Post Lesson Tasks (Watch video on G+)

1. File all the content pages into the purple ring file

1. Watch Chem videos in preparation of next week's practical (Ms Ng emailed them to us)
2. Next Wed lesson: In Class
Next Thur lesson: In Chem Lab

1. Math Worksheet Pg 40
2. Purchase Graphic Calculator (TI-84+): $160
Sales on 16/1 and 17/1 (2pm - 4pm)

1. Independent Learning Log: Something you want to learn (Due next Monday)
2. Complete Exercises on paragraph writing Worksheet (Due next Monday)

1. Bio THEORY Workbook pg 1-10
2. Bring File with the following handouts filed next Friday during the Practical:
- Content Page
- Lab Safety Handout
- Workbook Pg 1-10
3. Practise Drawing and labeling of cells

1. Purchase A4 Notebook (Logbook) before next week's practical

1. Sign CCA/LEAPS form and pass to Danish tomorrow
2. Pay Markus $17 (overdue)

See you tomorrow!

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